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Under Managed PBX service, we manage your business’ phone system in order to not only help you stay focused on other important IT operations .

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Who We Are

We are a leading provider of Managed Technology Services for over 3 years now. Our full technology lifecycle support model involves (1) Design, (2) Deployment, and (3) 24×7 ongoing IT Management support. With the advantage of a deep bench of engineers and a broad technology scope at scale, we operate world-class network operations centers (Managed NOC) that are combined with Helpdesk solutions. These solutions can be easily integrated with your business needs, making us a natural extension of your operations.

We complement our remote monitoring and management (RMM) capabilities with an extensive local reach and feet on the street globally. Our customers benefit from onsite support that comprises an industry-leading team of field technicians, as well as certified professional services consultants to maintain a maximum network and IT uptime.

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Key Features

Customized services

We design and manage your communication system according to your demands. We utilize such features and tools that are required by your business and meet your precise needs. Thus, we offer our managed PBX services in order to increase user experience, customer satisfaction and profitability of your business.

Vast Reach

We help you connect to the inside and outside world efficiently, using communication channels with vast reach. We help you connect to a number of locations simultaneously, within the company and outside the company. Thus, we make the communication system fast, reliable and advanced.


We provide scalable services to help you change your plan according to the change in your business needs and demands. Under this service, you can easily upgrade your phone system whenever you require and adapt to the changes in the telecom technology.

Integrated communication platform

Under Managed PBX services, we have unified various communication applications including video conferencing, voice mails and call recording into a single platform. With the increasing rate of the growth of technology, we have made communication using highly technical means a priority. Thus, we help integrate advanced voice technologies and manage your phone network accordingly.

Professional handling of technical problems

Under this service, we also provide technical support in order to help you manage your operations in a time saving and cost efficient manner. Our skilled IT staff helps you avoid any technical issues or troubleshooting problems in the telecom area.


Benefits of Managed NOC services

  • No burden of configuration, update or troubleshooting
  • Highly technical communication system
  • Cost efficient
  • Increased connectivity
  • Time saving
  • According to clients’ preferences
  • Highly efficient communication solutions


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