Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

In an IT organization, security is of utmost importance as infiltration of data, viruses, threats and cybercrimes have become common. Taking care of security is the topmost priority of businesses in today’s technologically advanced world. We have a separate expert team specializing in this area, helping you safeguard your data and information communicated through vast networking channels.

We take use of advanced security features and customized security solutions to help you against cybercrimes and other security threats. We work in a cost effective manner and help you manage your business operations securely and more efficiently.

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Reduced risk, improved security, and lowered cost – Our Approach

Threats are growing more hostile – budgets are getting tight – skills are available at a premium. Nevertheless, technologies like mobility, social media, web applications and big data that are rapidly adopted can be risky and inefficient if they are not safely managed. We ensure that you can overcome these challenges by proactively monitoring and analyzing the threat landscape and by creating highly customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Talk to us today and let us get proactive about security. Security is just clever business.

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Your D2D IT Services LLC Advantage

We help you from designing to implementing and managing to monitoring your cloud environment. Our cloud solutions ensure utmost security and maximum performance – aligned with your business requirements. We provide seamless integration of your network on the cloud through sophisticated tools, methodologies and processes to ensure that you take the fullest advantage of cloud in a cost-effective way. D2D IT Services LLC specializes in improving your business performance by providing in-depth knowledge processes to provide:

  • Vendor agnostic solutions
  • Greater benefits than on-premise cloud
  • Low costs of initial infrastructure set-up
  • Low recurring/maintenance costs
  • Faster time to deployment
  • Greater flexibility in supporting the dynamic needs and new technologies
  • Ability to deliver greater benefit over time, without additional cost or disruption in services
  • Security, convenience and flexibility in terms of immediate access to managed applications from anywhere
  • Customized ‘pay-as-you-use’ billing
  • Saves time and increases productivity in installation, configuration and management of critical application
  • Easy scalability based on your requirements
  • Rapidly replace or add new resources from our flexible on-demand service models
  • Gain up to 30% cost savings with our managed NOC services, as compared to doing it yourself
  • Mix and match our on-demand service delivery models to maximize your benefits

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