Managed PBX

Under Managed PBX service, we manage your business’ phone system in order to not only help you stay focused on other important IT operations but also help you stay connected with the internal as well as outside world without having to manage the complex telephone network.

Our specialized team removes your burden and provides you with the best cloud based communication solutions, helping you increase your connectivity and networking at reasonable prices.

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Love Your Phone

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want your phone system on-premises managed by an IT staff or in the cloud on secure data centers managed by a responsible third party partner. Moving to the cloud means:

Your phone system stays on even when your building does not

More time and focus for your IT staff to achieve strategic business goals

Easier access for remote sites and mobile employees to connect to your network

If you’re tired of managing your own phone system on-site, it might be time to consider a cloud-based communication solution.


  • No matter what happens to your building, never lose sleep again worrying about the impact on your phones. ShoreTel Sky’s cloud-based solution keeps working even when you can’t, and lets you:
  • Connect remote workers to your network easily
  • Provide multiple phones for dozens of locations without an NP list or Wide Area Network
  • Upgrade your phone system with NO capital outlay
  • Execute uniform deployments
  • Upgrade to new features painlessly, universally and instantly

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