IT Help Desk Support

IT Help Desk Support

When you’re running an IT business, you face operational challenges on a regular basis. Data security of the business is also at a great risk. Thus, you whether you’re a developed business or a growing business, you always need an expert help in this area.

Our team of IT experts facilitate you with 24/7 IT help desk support services, managing your software, hardware and technical problems as well as avoiding theft, viruses and other operational issues. We assist you in managing computing infrastructure and provide the best IT solutions to solve day to day operational problems, helping you stay focused.

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Key Features – IT Help Desk Support

Tiered-Level Support: We offer IT Help Desk Support through four well-defined tiers: Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Support. Each of these tiers handles help desk ticket support and resolves issues of different severities that require varying levels of expertise.

Critical Incident Management: Our Help Desk Support has a separate, well-defined process and team that handles critical incidents. During the event of a critical incident, our Critical Incident Management Team (CIM) springs into action and works ceaselessly to resolve the issue. The CIM also coordinates with the relevant business and IT stakeholders to keep them regularly updated based on the escalation matrix.

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Your D2D IT Services LLC Advantage

  • Guaranteed Service Levels
    D2D IT Services LLC offers IT Help Desk Services that are strictly bounded by written guaranteed service levels. We maintain stringent time bands at each Tier Support by which time an issue must be resolved or escalated. These time bands are part of D2D IT Services LLC internal operational procedures used as a double measure to ensure expedient resolution in line with the SLA commitments for each customer.
  • Transparency & Accountability
    We are committed to offering you an open account of all the IT Help Desk Support functions that we have performed through comprehensive reports that provide you with the latest performance metrics.

  • Best-in-class Tools & Processes
    Our services use invaluable tools and industry best practices and processes to provide you with unmatched IT Help Desk Support Services and best help desk ticketing system at affordable prices.

  • Preventive Resolution of Issues
    We carry out proactive monitoring, detection, isolation and resolution of IT issues that might impact your business and its processes. The proactive analysis allows identifying potential issues before they become problematic and cause untimely IT failures.

  • Certified Experts and Experience at Your Service
    Our team of certified engineers takes the best care of all your IT Help Desk Support needs.

  • Enhanced User Experience
    We strive not only to offer efficient help desk support services for your IT environment but also to become a trusted support system for your employees and customers. We use continuous feedback gathering through surveys and quality monitoring to improve our help desk services to provide enhanced user experience to your staff and customers.

What Do You Gain from Our Helpdesk Services?

Avoid IT Crisis: Our Help Desk Services will help resolve any critical issues before they can lead to a significant IT crisis and bring your business to a standstill.
Absolute Freedom from IT Worries: You will gain total freedom from all your IT worries through our IT Help Desk Service offerings. This will allow you to focus on your core competencies with complete peace of mind.

Real-time Dashboard Monitoring: We provide you with an IT Health Dashboard that will help you get a real-time status of your enterprise IT at-a-glance.

Expert Support across Diverse Technologies and Platforms: You will get the best Help Desk Services in a diverse variety of technologies and platforms with our certified engineers taking care of your IT needs.

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